Who We Are

Naturdermo was founded in 2010, with the objective of producing and marketing medical hygiene products, namely moisturizing creams, shower gels, individual and XXL wipes, single-use aprons and bed covers.
In 2019, Naturdermo began an investment cycle through an application to the 2020 program, with a view to improving production methods and acquiring innovative machinery and equipment in Portugal. This project was completed in 2021.
Over the years, the entire team has strived for continuous process improvement and has sought to add value to its products/services. The entire team is wholeheartedly committed to the growth of the company, which is dedicated to markets with exponential growth and intends in 2022 to transform a large part of its production into exports.


our moisturizing creams are composed of active ingredients that provide greater hydration and smoothness to the skin.

Shower Gel

Recommended for frequent washing of the body and hair of adults and the hands of professionals.

Wet Wipes

Extra large wet wipes for adults full body cleaning.


Water-based conductive gel. High conductivity and odor-free.


Equipamento de Proteção Individual de Categoria I, de acordo com o Regulamento (UE) 2016/425.

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Baby Wipes

Wet wipes for cleaning the body of newborns.